Does heading into another month mean continuing to negotiate the rollercoaster of working from home? Are you challenged with finding more space for even more workstations in your house now you’re homeschooling? With the right blinds and shutters, we can turn your conservatory into the perfect conservatory home office.

It is certainly looking like working from home, along with homeschooling, will be continuing for some time. And with this also comes the additional challenge for many families of finding that extra space to accommodate more workstations.

But are you one of the many families who, until now, have only used your conservatory for entertaining people at the house? ‘Kept for best’ or just for lounging on lazy, hazy summer afternoons? During the rest of the year though, it is cold and not at all appealing unless you have the electric fire going full blast or can cosy up on the sofa under a pile of blankets!

Why not consider a longer-term solution?

Make your conservatory a room you can utilise all year round. Even more so now, why not create an extra space to spread out into if you are struggling with the entire family working from home?

One of our most common requests during the past few months has been installing blinds and shutters in what has previously been considered cold and damp conservatories. We have found a way for many of our customers to convert their conservatories into useful additional, and more permanent, rooms.

An investment in the right type of blinds and shutters not only solves the problem of space right now. But also adds value to your home should you consider moving on in future.

There are a number of things which should be considered when looking for the right blinds and shutters for a conservatory home office – one of which is getting the right level of light. So, let’s consider why it is important to get the right lighting around you, particularly when working from home.

Working from home – the benefits of the right lighting and surroundings Creating the perfect working atmosphere and surroundings has a major impact on your morale, wellbeing, levels of productivity and efficiency. Being able to see your garden and the views from your conservatory could be a wonderful feeling.

Being comfortable in terms of heat and natural light around you reduces the risk of headaches, eye strain and ‘blue light’ fatigue from too much screen time.

The addition of natural light as opposed to being surrounded by artificial lighting alone is so much better for the body and the brain. Vitamin D produced from sunlight helps to boost the immune system, which is believed to be of even more importance with the amount of time we have spent inside through Lockdown. But obviously, as the longer, brighter days approach, remember too much direct sunlight is not so good for the body and should be balanced so as to avoid sunburn and the possible longer-term effects.

Working in a ‘fresh’ and healthy environment makes all the difference between feeling energised and ready to face the whole day, or dropping in focus and energy levels as fatigue starts to set in.

You will know by now that you need to take regular breaks and step away from your screen and working area. And being able to see natural daylight seeping through will give you a feeling of connection with nature, rather than being completely engrossed or swamped in your computer screen or headset!

A conservatory offers considerable amounts of floor space without worry over applying for planning permission.

So, how can we help balance the level of light you come into contact with in your conservatory home office?

How the right blinds can help We appreciate that you don’t necessarily have the choice as to where you can position your desk or workstation when working from home. But we also appreciate just how important it is to create the right level of lighting and light flow into the room.

It’s very tempting to want to shut out the natural daylight altogether to stop any glare or distractions when you are on one of those infamous Zoom calls, which we all know and love by now!

But, the right blinds can be used to allow the perfect mix of natural and artificial lighting in your working area.

They can be tilted to reduce glare on your screen, as well as reduce the heat coming through the windows directly onto you. Conversely, of course, they can be tilted to make the most of the sunlight and allow the heat to come, and remain, in the room. ‘Day and Night’ blinds can allow you to see out and light to come in, whilst giving you privacy should a window be overlooked.

Choosing the right blinds or shutters for your conservatory home office Whatever your focus is, whether it is solely controlling the level of light and heat in your conservatory, or adding a bit more style by coordinating with your existing décor or making a feature of your windows, our expert fitters will work with you to find the best solution.

You have the choice of:

Venetian blinds – these come in wooden or aluminium finish and are a hard-wearing, easy to maintain option.

Plantation shutters – in made to measure shapes and sizes, and various styles to suit your room. They are a great choice for conservatories as they have a tilt option allowing in as much natural daylight as you want, And they also retain heat in the room to keep you warm whilst hard at work during the winter.

Roller blinds – if you wanted to choose these, you can opt for black-out or ‘dim-out’ blinds so you can easily manage the level of light you are working in. Add colour and/or pattern to make a feature of your windows, or go for a more natural soft colour choice. Again, they are made to measure and come with co-ordinated braids and poles to create a stylish look.

Blackout blinds – these serve two purposes in blocking out too much light, but also create a greater level of privacy. As with roller blinds, they come in a range of fabrics and are all durable and long-lasting.

Perfect Fit blinds – another brilliant option for conservatories, easy to fit and control with their tabs or handles. And as they fit snugly in the window or door frame (UPVC or aluminium frames) they take up no space with additional fittings and are easy to unclip for cleaning. A vast choice of colours is available. Particularly useful for roof windows fitting neatly between the beams and on doors as the blind moves with the door and isn’t left hanging loosely.

Electric blinds for roof lanterns and conservatories – remote control blinds can provide a safe solution for hard to reach windows both in terms of accessing them and home security for times when you eventually escape the ‘perfect home office.’ We can install them on any window or door giving you full control of the level of light and heat entering the room.

How can Signature Blinds and Shutters help you create the perfect conservatory home office Hopefully, you will now see why it is important to have the right lighting around you, and what options are available in regard to types of blinds and shutters. It really is a huge choice.

Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to help you find the exact solution for your needs. We will discuss your specific requirements and rooms you are looking to install your blinds. With over 250 fabrics to choose from, we will incorporate the right style and colour scheme to create the perfect atmosphere for you to continue working at your best.

But not only will our team at Signature Blinds and Shutters help create your perfect conservatory home office, but we will also create a beautiful relaxing space that you can then go on to enjoy when things return to ‘normal’ and your home is no longer your workplace.

Contact us for expert advice, or to book a no-obligation quote.