Smart blinds are the next step in smart home automation. Alexa blinds connect directly to your Amazon Alexa and allow you to easily control the blinds in your home with as little as a simple voice command. With technology advancing and now being incorporated more and more in our homes, these automated blinds are just the next step to a modern home.

Roman blind somfy No Need to go Around Closing your Blinds Manually

Going around the house and closing or opening all of the blinds in the morning or evening can sometimes be a chore. With voice-controlled blinds there is no need go wandering around your home checking your blinds. Instead simply use Alexa’s voice command feature to control your blinds with ease. As well as making life easier, these blinds save time meaning that you can get to bed quicker and enjoy your precious hours of sleep, or get out of the house faster to get to work. Alexa controlled blinds are the latest in convenient living and are sure to make your day easier.

Last Longer than Normal Blinds

When investing in blinds for your home or business, it is very important that they stand the test of time. Make your investment worth while by opting for blinds which are high quality and will last for many years to come.

Having your blinds controlled by Alexa means that there is no need for fiddling around trying to open or close them, which can actually cause some serious wear and tear on fiddly blinds. The less interaction you have with your blinds, the longer they should last and the less likely they are to break as they are not being damaged from contact.

Smart Looking

As technology advances, more and more aspects of the home are being replaced with tech-savvy alternatives – and blinds are one of them. Not only are Alexa blinds practical and save time and effort, but they are also a great looking option for the home. The sleek design and technology features ensure that these blinds are a centrepiece to your home which bring a modern and contemporary feel to any home or business.

Want to impress your guests? Blinds which open and close with nothing more than a voice command are sure to look smart and will be an impressive feature to show of when people visit your property.

Another good thing about Alexa blinds is that there is no need to buy all new blinds. To make your blinds Alexa controlled you just have to fit the motor onto them and connect them to your Amazon Alexa, meaning you can still have expensive looking blinds for a fraction of the price!

Easy to Set Up and Use

Somfy with hand

Alexa blinds are easy to set up. Once the blinds are installed, simply create a scenario (a name or phrase which your Alexa will recognise the blinds by), link the software which controls the blinds to your Amazon Alexa and then use the command “Alexa, turn on (name of scenario)” to operate your blinds. The fact that all of your powered blinds in your home can be connected to operate all at once when a single command is spoken makes them even more convenient. Of course, if you don’t want all blinds to open or close at once then you can only link certain ones or just leave them unlinked.

Increase Safety in Your Home

Although blinds aren’t an obvious danger in your home, there can be risks around children using manual blinds. The fact that Alexa controlled blinds are cord free means that they reduce any risks of children getting tangled and potentially hurt in the home. Chords are not only a danger to children, they are also a trip hazard for anyone who enters your home.

To keep you and your family safe from injury in your home, it is recommended to install motorised blinds in your home rather than manual blinds. This is especially important if you have small children who are at a higher risk of getting hurt.

Why opt for Somfy Blinds?

Somfy with hand

We only use the highest quality brands for our range of blinds, and we believe that Somfy offer the perfect solution for your window blinds. These customisable voice-controlled blinds can be customised and set to a ‘preferred position’ and can also be automated to change at different times of the day. This feature enables privacy in your home but it also an important feature for security as it allows you to make your home appear as if someone is in, reducing the risk of a robbery occurring.

The TaHoma model enables you to control your blinds using Alexa through your Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, or Amazon Tap. This easy to use and time saving solution has almost endless benefits when it comes to increasing efficiency and security in your home and is also ideal for people with limited mobility who are not always able to open and close their blinds manually.

Here at Signature Blinds and Shutters, we believe that Somfy are ahead of the game when it comes to integrating technology into the home, which is why we have confidence is offering their products to our customers. The precise control, smart technology and flexibility of Somfy electric blinds means that you have full control over the lighting in your home and can customised this to your preference.

Could you Benefit from Voice-Controlled Blinds?

Here at Signature Blinds & Shutters we offer a range of different blinds, shutters and awnings which are sure to improve your home. Our range comes in a huge variety of different colours and If you have any questions about Alexa blinds or wish to enquire about any of our products or services then contact us on 01293 772 827 to speak to a member of our friendly team.