Nearly everything in the world now has an app or remote control. Individuals are able to make a command with the simple touch of a button or smartphone. Homeowners and businessowners alike can use remote control gadgets to accomplish tasks around their property to live more comfortably.

Blinds are just another of the many household items that can be controlled with the touch of a button. Motorised blinds allow users to raise or lower them remotely. There are plenty of great reasons and benefits to installing blinds into a property. From convenience to security, remote control blinds can improve a house in a variety of ways.

What are motorised blinds?

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Motorised blinds are powered by a motor that is affixed to the unit. The motor allows the blinds to raise and lower quickly and easily. Property owners do not have to pull strings, chains or cords any longer to raise and lower blinds. How frustrating and time consuming can it be to lower blinds that just won’t go down? Electric blinds are the answer as with one push of a button, the blinds will lower or open to block out the sun or to provide needed privacy.

With more and more devices being created to make a home smart, remote control blinds are the perfect item. More people want smart homes that are fully designed and equipped with smart devices. There is a large increase in using apps and remotes to control a variety of in-home or office-based items. Motorised blinds provide ease and simplicity to anyone looking to further make their home or business smart.

How do motorised blinds work?

There are a few ways electric blinds are powered. Property owners will find different options when it comes to motorised blinds. Each has its own benefit. Therefore, homeowners and business-owners will need to decide on which type of blind works best for them.

  • Battery powered – Batteries are a simple, discrete option when it comes to choosing electric blinds. Battery powered blinds have two main benefits. The first is they can be used in hard to reach places and won’t need to be changed often. For anyone who has windows up high or even a skylight, battery powered blinds are the best option. The second benefit this type of blind has is there is no cable to plug into an electricity outlet. Therefore, it is better to look at and doesn’t take up an outlet that could be used for other items. Lithium battery powered blinds are easy to install and the battery’s life is long lasting.
  • Hardwired – These blinds are powered by an electrical outlet. An outlet must be nearby the window for hardwired blinds to have power. Overall, this could be a cheaper option as there are no batteries to buy over time. Property owners will need an electrician to install hardwired blinds, which makes these the most difficult to put in a home or business.
  • Solar powered – Not only can an individual make their property smart, but they can make it eco-friendly too. Solar powered electric blinds are perfect when it comes to receiving energy as they are next to windows. A solar power panel will be affixed to the blinds and face outside to absorb sunlight. There can be some problems will solar powered blinds. Rooms on the west or south of a property receive more sunlight each day. This makes those rooms the best for solar powered blinds. In addition, windows that receive shade from trees or other items like awnings may not receive enough sunlight to be powered.
  • DC Power – DC Power motorised blinds are plugged into an electrical outlet. The power from the outlet allows the blinds to raise and lower. Windows will need to be close to power outlets and cords may be visible.

What are the benefits of motorised blinds?

There are a number of benefits to adding remote control blinds to a home or business. Not only can a property become smart, but it can make life easy too.

  • Convenience and time – Using a remote or app can make opening or closing blinds simple. For anyone with windows in hard to reach places, remote control blinds are perfect. In addition, individuals with limited time can open or close their blinds with a simple touch of a button. Motorised blinds also lack a cord found on traditional blinds. These cords can be unsightly and cause danger. Blinds can become unsafe with children and pets around. Not only can the cord become wrapped around them, but the blinds could be pulled off on top of children and pets.
  • Energy and money efficient – Some electric blinds can be set on a timer. This timer allows the blinds to open or close at certain periods of the day. For anyone who is at work, this can be ideal for helping lower energy costs. Blinds can be set to open during sunny parts of the day in winter and to close when the mercury drops. In contrast, they can be set to close to during the hottest point in the day during summer months. In all, an electric blinds’ smart design can save homeowners and business owners money.
  • Safety – Motorised blinds can offer safety when homes and business are unoccupied. Blinds can be set on a timer to close or open at specific times, preventing unwanted guests from breaking into or peering inside the property.
  • Protection from sun damage – Furniture is affected by sunlight. Sun damage can cause furniture to lose its colour and age quickly. The automatic functionality of these blinds, allows for the blind to change its position to let less sunlight into a room during a day. This can protect a furniture and extend its lifetime.

Remote Control blinds are a perfect addition to a home or business. They cannot only make a property look great, but they can also be cost effective. Whether renovating or just installing new blinds, property owners should find out just how life changing electric blinds can be.

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