While some people may prefer the look of netting and curtains, others will likely opt for modern shutters and blind installations for a variety of different reasons.  Not only can a great shutter system really look the part in any bedroom, living room or kitchen, but they can also help to protect your home against the outside world!  This may sound a little odd, but the right blind can help to preserve furniture, carpeting and even photos for years to come.  But how?  And why?  Let’s take a closer look to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Effective Protection from the Sunwindow blinds

The sun – when it’s out – is a very welcome sight indeed.  However, it can also be something of a nuisance.  It’s notorious for contributing to issues such as skin ageing, sunburn and – of course – if you look into it directly, you risk damaging your sight irreparably!  All this aside – what does the sun have to do with blinds and shutters?  If you’ve not already put two and two together, plenty – as great-looking blinds aren’t just there for privacy, nor are they just used to help complete the look of a window display.  They’re a fantastic ally against the threat of sun damage.

The Effects of the Sun on your Home

Not only can the sun get in your eyes in the home without the help of an effective shutter system, it can really do some work on your furniture and any photos or artwork you may have hanging up.  Direct sunlight can massively damage art and photography to the point that they fade and lose their colour – which can be a devastating shame.  The sun, too, can cause discolouration in furniture – and while you may be able to UV-protect some items with ease, the easier option altogether will be to have a blind or shutter system fitted which you can control at all times.

A Wide Range of Colours, Styles and Optionsperfect fit blinds

Blinds and shutters from Signature come in a huge array of colours, styles and options – meaning that whether you prefer a roller blind or a vertical shutter design, we’ll be able to help you measure up and fit the right look for your rooms, your windows and for your sun protection needs.  You’ll know the right blind or shutters when you see them – and what’s more, you can start by taking a look at what we have on offer for you here on this very website.  If there’s anything you can’t see or anything you’d like to enquire about, we are always on hand to help you.

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The sun is very welcome indeed – but it’s a pest when it comes to steady discolouration!  Fight back against those irksome rays with a great-looking blind or shutter installation which you can control with ease throughout the day.  Call Signature Blinds and Shutters today on 01293 772 827 or email us with more details if you have any specific or bespoke needs and/or concerns.  Don’t fall prey to sun damage – call in or email us today and we’ll be available to help you as soon as we can!