We all work in different ways – and at different paces! Numerous studies, however, show that there are more than a few factors out there which can directly impact upon our productivity and our ability to work without interruption. Whether it’s noise levels, temperature or otherwise, there are plenty of things you can control.

Whether you work from home or if you are striving to get your kids to concentrate on their homework, it’s well worth considering how light and temperature – amongst other factors – can really impact upon our willing to work.  What’s more, the right blind or shutter installation can really help to make all the difference.

Natural Light over Artificial Light


Natural light is well-known to be extremely beneficial for human health, and beyond the obvious vitamin levels it can boost, it can also help to enhance mood and willing to work – believe it or not!  Artificial light from lamps and bulbs are poor competition, on the whole – as depending too much on man-made wattage can have adverse effects upon mood and temperament.  What’s more, it’s thought that an absence or at least depleted levels of natural light can adversely affect the body’s ability to create cortisol, which is a hormone that helps us all handle stress levels.  Work + stress = not a happy combination to say the least!

Therefore, creating a balance of light in your working space simply makes sense.  Too little natural light can directly affect your performance and ability to work at all – while too much can create glare and eye strain.  Eye strain, too, can occur from working intensively in poorly-lit rooms – and this is where blinds and shutters can come in to help.

Get Complete Control with Blinds

Orange roll up blinds

Blinds are an absolute asset when it comes to maintaining a comfortable atmosphere in which you can work.  Not only do they offer total control over the level of light you receive from outside, you’ll also be able to control draughts with the help of industry-standard insulation – as we all know that being too cold or too warm can really cause distractions. It is important to maintain a comfortable temperature in the workplace in order for your employees to feel at their most productive. Blinds and shutters offer the ultimate control over room temperature, as their reflective properties allow you to alter the amount of heat which can get in and out. This makes blinds an all-season solution for light and temperature control.

For offices with computers or where presentations are given, blinds and shutters are an important addition to reduce sun glare. Having the option to block out the sun when needed will prevent staff from straining their eyes by squinting to see their screen, and will mean that projected presentations will be much easier to see.

It also must be said that an aesthetically pleasing room is one where the individual will be inspired to work – appeal to your own tastes by creating a workspace with colours and styles that fit in with your norm.  Picking blinds or shutters which offer contemporary class or classical cool – and when you feel more at home, you’ll feel more compelled to work.  It’ll work wonders for the kids, too, even if they don’t realise it!

Opting for our electric blinds offers even more control over the lighting and heat, by enabling you to change the blinds positioning at the click of a button. The electric blind is much more effective for keeping your room warm during winter and cool during summer as it allows you to open them fully and close them tightly, which isn’t as easy to achieve with manual options. This is also an important factor for productivity as it avoids distractions from having to keep getting up and altering the position.

Improve the Aesthetics of your Office

You may not think that the visual appeal of an office can have much impact on productivity, but the right décor can create an environment which has a more positive feel to it, and is likely to impact on your employees’ mood and motivation.

Not only will your staff members feel happier in the work place, but you will find that your customers/ clients will also pick up on the look of your office, and the professionalism of it, which could ultimately be the deciding factor as to whether they want to work with you.

Make your office something that all stakeholders of your business will take pride in by installing blinds or shutters. You can even use them as branding for your business, by choosing the colour which represents your brand – this will show both from the inside and outside of your office!

Studies have also been carried out to show the correlation between colour and productivity, suggesting that different colour can make you think a different way, and can affect your mood. For example, it has been suggested that the colours blue and green can spark creativity. So choosing the right colour blinds or shutters could actually impact on the general atmosphere in your office.

We Have the Solution for You…

Here at Signature Blinds and Shutters, it’s our job to ensure you have access to the most effective and best-looking blind and shutter solutions in the UK and online.  If you’re trying to transform your work routine and need a little home design inspiration, let us take the bull by the horns – and show you some fantastic light-saving and heat-keeping solutions for your rooms. Our range of styles, materials and colours mean that you can find the ideal solution for improving motivation, controlling light and temperature in order to create an overall all positive atmosphere in the work place.

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