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We offer a supply and installation service on our full range of bespoke motorised blinds


Electric blinds are a popular solution for any room in your home as they combine the traditional look of blinds with technology which means they look great and have increased functionality. Our remote control blinds give you customisation features you don’t get from other blinds, meaning you can position them to your preference, letting in as much light as you want, and controlling the temperature of your home. They are also powered by a high quality Somfy motor.

Maintain privacy in your home

With remote control blinds, you can guarantee compete privacy with tailored controls, and you can even program your blinds to automatically close at certain times of the day, giving you the peace, you want when you want it. Our blinds can be operated by using handsets and wall switches or by app control using smart phones or tablets.

Why are electric blinds a safer option?

You may have not thought of blinds as being particularly dangerous in your home, however there are potential risks with manual blinds that can be eliminated by using motorised blinds. It is the perfect solution if you have children in your home, as it has child safety features including the fact that they are cord free, preventing children from messing with them and potentially getting hurt. Not only this, but choosing this option is also safer as it prevents people from tripping over cords and eliminates the risk of entanglement.

Temperature control

It is likely that you have considered lighting when choosing the perfect blinds, but you may not have considered how the right blinds can control the temperature of your home. Electric roller blinds can be perfect for keeping your room cool on hot days and warm on colder days, as they easily be fully opened and tightly closed, allowing drafts in when required but also keeping them out when necessary.

See what we have to offer

At Signature Blinds & Shutters, we are devoted to providing the perfect window dressing solution for your home, which is why our knowledgeable team are always happy to help! Get in contact with us on 01293 772 827 to find the perfect electric blinds to suit your home and preferences.

Value for money

Incorporating the latest technology, our range of electric blinds guarantee value for money. We have advanced features including temperature control and safety features which you don’t get with other blinds.

Quality first

The electric blinds we provide have built-in safety features such as them being cord-free so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. All our electric blinds have this quality assured feature as your safety matters to us so we therefore check and eliminate the risk of entanglement. Our variety of electric roller blinds and motorised blinds are the perfect solution for you.

All bespoke

All our electric blinds come in tailored and personalised designs with the colours of your choice. This includes a colour matching services where you can choose literally any colour in the whole world to use.