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Blinds can be an asset to any room in any home – they’re a great way to take greater control of the natural light that seeps in – but remote control blinds go that little bit further. There’s a number of reasons why we at Signature Blinds and Shutters think you should reach for the remote – and here are just a few of them!

1. They Make Life Easy

Nice and simple. Rather than having to get up to handle your blinds, simply open and close them with a touch of a button and from a significant distance. Remote control blinds are designed for comfort and ease, so it’s no surprise that they’ve become such a massive boon for homeowners over the years. You can show off to family and friends your stylish living room or dining room all automated at the touch of a button. Or even this, how great would it be to open and shut the blinds from your sofa?


2. There’s No Messing Around

Poorly-made blinds with manual control can be a bit of a pain sometimes. After all, getting the right amount of light seeping in takes precision – and manual blind solutions can be a bit fiddly to work with if you’re on the receiving end of a poor installation or have outdated curtains that won’t budge at the hardest tug. Expertly-designed remote blinds offer you instant access to the exact precision level of light you need with remote control access – meaning that there’s no more fiddling about or yanking to be done.

Here at Signature blinds and shutters, we measure all faces of your window sill or larger window areas to ensure our blinds fit from inch to inch. Even if you have any specific requirements, get in touch with us and our specialists we speak to you.

3. They Can Integrate Into Your Smart HomeVisage Pimlico Mojito Cameo No chain

More and more of us are jumping into the smart home game, and remote control blinds can be introduced into your smart network with ease. Smart home features are controlled from a central hub, which means facilities such as your lighting and security can all be controlled via technology. Then everything in your home can be done at the touch of a button. Why not get your blinds integrated too!

4. They Can Help You Save Energy

In the past, we’ve perhaps all been a bit too eager to simply switch a light on and off if we want instant illumination. Remote control blinds installations allow you to take precise control over the lighting you receive, meaning that you can now depend upon fine-tuning natural light as opposed to just putting a light bulb on. This, in the long run, could save considerable energy. Get in touch today with Signature Blinds and Shutters on 01293 772827 to see how we can offer our professional advice on the perfect, cost effective solution for every room in your home.

5. They Add Value

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If you’re all for home improvements, whether to make your life easier or to add value to your property, remote blinds are an asset. Simple-control blinds are enticing and impressive to bystanders, and as such, this type of installation could make all the difference to the value of your home if this is something you are hoping to boost in the years to come. The more room

s they are installed in, too, the more your value could increase. Think of how easy it may be to find a buyer for your home if you leave them speechless with high-quality, remote control blinds in every room of your smart home.

6. They’re Accessibility-Friendly

Coming back to the idea of ease of use and convenience, remote control blind solutions are an asset to the elderly and disabled. This is because, quite simply, they no longer need to get up to fix their blinds – making things easier for those who would otherwise be unable to get up regularly to manage them themselves. Keeping everything automated means that they don’t have manoeuvre far and creates the comfort they need.

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7. Programmable options so you don’t have to do anything

If you want to take it to the next step, you could also look at having the remote-control blinds scheduled to be drawn at certain times throughout the day. This means you don’t have to touch a thing! You can simply change the times to your own preference and relax in the comfort of your own home. This can all be integrated within the smart home system you may already have in place meaning they can sink in with your lights and cinema settings.

8. Safety when the kids play

Also, did you think about the hazards when operating normal curtain or blind cords for your children. They can seem like fun, playful things for them to chase but also pose unnoticed choking and strangling dangers. Whereas with remote control blinds, you guessed it, don’t have any cords or tassels you need to be concerned about when your kids are about. Leaving you to enjoy your time without checking up on them every 2 minutes!

 9. Safety while you are away

You may not have thought about this but having motorised, remote control blinds can increase the safety of your home and prevent any break ins. Having automated blinds come up and down at specific times in the day while you are away can increase the appearance of someone being at home. This can in return stop burglars thinking no one is home and increase security.


10. Save the vibrant colours

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Lastly, you may not realise but although the sunlight entering your home may help generate warmth, it can cause the vibrant colours on your sofas, carpets and rugs to fade away. You can prevent this with the use of electric blinds to block out the sunlight at the click of a button.

If you are interested in introducing remote control blinds into your home, give Signature Blinds and Shutters a call today on 01293 772 827 – or email us if you have any specific queries in mind.