Are you wanting to find the right touch to add to your garden space this year? You may not know but installing an awning can help to show off your property in style, especially in the summer heat coming up. Read below on why an awning for your home is just the upgrade you need.


Awnings Add Value to Your Property


If you are unsure as to whether an awning will be a worthy investment for your home, you may be convinced by the fact that they can actually add value to your property.

Firstly, domestic awnings add extra outdoor space to your home, which is a sought-after asset as it enhances the day to day life of the property owner. Having an awning provides a place to relax in your garden as well as shelter for all weather conditions and is therefore likely to be popular amongst potential buyers.

Not only are awnings practical and aesthetically pleasing, they also boost the value of the home by creating an energy saving solution – so anyone looking to buy a house is likely to consider this before making a decision.


They Give You an Entertainment Space to Enjoy

There is nothing better than having an entertainment space in your home that you are proud to show off to guests, and a domestic awning adds to its appeal. Get your home ready for summer by getting an awning installed, and you can invite your guests over with a space which offers relaxation and shelter – perfect for summer BBQs and parties.


Save Money and Time Compared to Other Alternatives

One great aspect of an awning is that there are easy to install and affordable compared to other options such as conservatories. You can enjoy the summer comforts under the awning and feel like you are in paradise whereas in a conservatory, you can feel confined as well as the building process causing time constraints. With our stylish awnings, you don’t have to worry about saving up or how long the installation will take. We provide both affordable and easy to install awning solutions that last the test of time.


Protection From All Weather Conditions

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We all love spending time outdoors during the summer months, but prolonged periods spent in the sun can be harmful. That’s why installing your own retractable patio awning in Surrey is an ideal solution, as they offer shade and protection as and when it is needed.

The shelter of the awning works by reducing UV rays by up to 98%, protecting you from the sun and reducing the temperature of your decking or patio. This allows everyone to enjoy time in the garden without risk of burning, including children and pets.


They are Easy to Clean and Maintain

You may think that domestic awnings are high maintenance and need to be cleaned regularly in order to stay looking their best, but you may be surprised as to how easy they actually are to keep clean.

By opting for the high quality awnings, we supply here at Signature Blinds and Shutters, you will get a water-resistant and easy to clean solution which will stand the test of time, and stay looking it’s best for many years.


Domestic Awnings are an Energy Saving Solution

Opting for a fabric awning in your garden can act as an energy saving solution by blocking out rays from the sun – keeping your home cool. Without a quality awning, sun can directly enter through your window, heating up the interior of your property and causing the need for air conditioning and fans.

Although air conditioning undoubtedly does the job, there is a much simpler and more energy efficient solution. An awning blocks out the sun before it even gets to your property, stopping it from heating up to an unbearable temperature – therefore working as a prevention tool rather than a solution to an already existing problem.


They are Customisable to Your Preference

Our range extends from full cassette to semi-cassettes, meaning you can customise your awning depending on how much protection you want it to provide and which will look the best on your property. Full cassette awnings are often the most popular choice amongst home owners as they offer a wide area of space to cover existing decking or patio, and provide a larger space to sit and relax in the shade.

We only use the highest quality materials, and you can choose from the huge range of fabrics, colours and patterns to give your home the stylish, modern look you are after. By using models from the reputable manufacturer, Markilux, we can ensure that our awnings are durable and able to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Our range also incorporates a Somfy Motor, offering fully motorised awnings which are easy to use and can easily be controlled using a remote control.


Add a Splash of Colour to Your Home


Domestic awnings can be a great way of brightening up your property, and bringing a touch of personality to your garden.

No matter which colour or pattern you opt for, an awning will be an asset to your home and a great decorative feature to show off to family and friends.

You could even opt for an awning colour which matches your interior, so you can lessen the division between the interior and exterior of your home, and continues the colour theme throughout your property.


Get in Contact With us at Signature Blinds and Shutters

Here at Signature Blinds and Shutters, we provide a wide range of awnings and canopies in a variety of colours, styles and materials. No matter which style you opt for, we can guarantee that our domestic awnings will enhance your property and will be perfect for 2019.

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