Ironically, going through the pandemic in 2020 gave many of us the time and opportunity we’ve been crying out for. Precious ‘bubble’ time with loved ones. Some unexpected down time. And the chance to appreciate what we have around us. Some of our customers decided on extensions or home refurbishments and called on our services to add the finishing touches. Some moved house and wanted us to help put their mark on their new home. Others simply wanted to add some style and flair to their existing windows, using different window treatments to repurpose specific rooms, enabling them to use the room all year round.

Throughout 2020 we helped new and returning customers in all situations. So, here, along with some basics to consider when choosing window treatments, you’ll also learn about what the window treatment trends 2021 are should you be wondering about making changes.

Practical and Functional

We’re not only looking for great designs and materials for all our household items now.

An investment in window treatments should be one that will last. One which leaves you with that warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction. And one which you don’t even need to think about again until YOU are ready to make the changes. Not because it’s stopped doing what it says on the tin.

The current trends in window treatments are moving away from the older style valances and purely decorative frills of the floral curtains and are moving towards the more natural looking, sleek style blinds and shutters.

They don’t just sit for display purposes, gathering dust in places you can’t reach. They are practical and functional, giving you the flexibility to completely cover your windows and doors, or control the light entering your rooms as it suits you at that moment.

Blocking out the light at night, reducing the direct sunlight and glare on TV or PC screens during the summer, and keeping our homes warm and secure during the darker winter months.

Signature Blinds and Shutters have something for everyone and will make sure you are right up to date with new designs and innovative window dressing solutions.

Ease of Control

Our lives are all about saving time and energy, and technology has even brought controlling your blinds and shutters into the 21st Century! As we fly through 2021, we are seeing the trend for comfort and ease of control of your window treatments becoming well and truly embedded.

Blinds and shutters controlled at the flick of a switch. Connected to your existing smart home technology. Even voice activation is available with some designs, which means our elderly and disabled relatives need not miss out on our quality products now or in the future.

But whether you go for the automated solutions, smart connection, or opt for manual controls, all our blinds and shutters are practical and designed with the customer in mind.

Blinds in 2021

Blinds remain amongst the most popular window treatments, for their versatility as well as the prints, stylish designs and colour ranges to choose from.

A minimalist, natural look with neat subtle lines, for example, in bamboo, grained wood, or rattan. Or a gentler look created by softer fabrics and pleated designs. The ease of controlling the flow of light into the room makes these the popular and always a safe choice for window coverings.

Roller blinds remain fashionable amongst the window treatments for 2021. They come in so many prints, styles, and designs and with such a choice of fabric/material, you will be spoilt for choice. With a little bit of guidance from our expert team, you can bring your windows to life in keeping with the rest of your home. Or else create a feature window that really stands out with style.
Colours for roller blinds for 2021 incorporate nature into your interior design, with light browns and greys, rich orange and golden tones, and natural soft green, pale blue, and lavender tones.


If you want to bring character and individual style to your home, something you may not have considered before are shutters. They have been used for hundreds of years and are making a comeback because of their adaptability.

Easy to operate either manually or by remote controls. Full window and in various shapes and sized designs to ensure optimum sunlight control and privacy. And a choice of materials such as natural wood and moisture-resistant fabrics. All these together make shutters a go-to which will last for years to come, without losing their style and elegance.

Plantation Shutters are truly becoming a firm favourite, and because they are all made to measure, you could set the trend for 2021 and beyond, even with the most awkward shaped windows! Louvres are now available in a wider range of sizes, which give a new perspective on this window covering. And as you can operate individual sections of the shutters, you are fully in control when it comes to allowing natural light in or out of your home.

As for colours for this year, gone are the days when shutters came only in white, white and more white. 2021 is bringing us softer pale pink, yellow, dusky blue and even silvery tones. So, again you can create a feature with your window treatments or else match your décor and furnishings perfectly.


Houzz (homes and gardens magazine) carried out a survey during 2020 which predicted outdoor socialising and entertaining would once again trend in 2021. And when it comes to window treatments, it isn’t just about the inside. Being able to make the most of every space available in and around your home adds so many benefits and so much value to your property. Even better when you can add character, personality, and functionality.

Awnings are now available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs, and with options of full or half-cassette. So you can cover the smallest patio to the largest of garden areas. Perfect for outside entertainment or making sure the children get their fresh air – even on rainy days. And with manual or automated controls, some with a rain and/or wind sensor built in, life will be oh so easy and relaxed.

The trends are indicating 2021 is going to be another bumper year for garden parties.

So contact us to ask for more information about our sister company, Signature Awnings, to complete the outside of your home too.

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We know there is no single solution for your entire home when looking for window treatments. Each room is different and what may look good in your bathroom might not work in your open plan living area. Blackout blinds in your children’s bedroom won’t be a good fit for your home office.

And this is where Signature Blinds and Shutters come into our own. Our team make sure you get the best service from start to finish.
We discuss your options for each room in terms of purpose as well as appearance.

And we make sure that our window treatments will put the finishing touches on a home where you won’t mind staying in, even when we get the chance to start going out again!

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