The name Plantation Shutters may bring thoughts of grand houses with large windows to mind. Homeowners may think of gorgeous white houses in the Caribbean or in the American south from a bygone era when Plantation Shutters are being considered for installation. While it is true these window shutters may make one conjure up ideas of older, large houses, the fact is modern houses can benefit from the addition of them.

Homeowners may see Plantation Shutters on houses and businesses. There is a lot of information available on the topic of the shutters and it can send potential buyers down a rabbit hole. In some instances, the information can be off the mark. So, what are Plantation Shutters and how can a home or business benefit from installing them?

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation Shutters were developed due to the hot summers large plantation homes experienced in the American south. The wooden shutters were designed to let cool air in while letting hot air escape from the large homes. Due to curtains and drapes trapping heat and humidity into a home in the south, the shutters allowed air to move more freely. They kept the large plantations cool during the day and night during the hot months.

The shutters feature large wooden slats and are can be permanently fixed to the wall. Often, Plantation Shutters are painted white to reflect heat. This keeps a large house cooler and it is also why many – if not all – plantation homes were painted white as well.

What’s the difference between Plantation Shutters and Colonial Shutters?

When selecting shutters for a home, buyers can become confused on the difference between Plantation Shutters and Colonial Shutters. In some cases, their names are wrongly used as interchangeable. For one, Colonial Shutters were developed in New England and featured on houses in the American north. Plantation Shutters were common on large, grand houses in the south.

Plantation Shutters have a larger slat size than Colonial Shutters. Therefore, the number of slats per shutter are fewer when it comes to Plantation Shutters. Due to the slat size, more light and air can be let into a house when the shutters are open. In addition, the large slats provide more privacy for a residence when the shutters are closed.

Why buy Plantation Shutters?

There are a number of reasons a homeowner or business owner should buy Plantation Shutters. Other than the look and way they improve a structure’s appearance, Plantation Shutters can do much more.

  • Light – Plantation Shutters are perfect for controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room. Sunlight can have damaging effects on furniture and cause furnishings to fade over time. Homeowners or businesses may need to replace these items due to sun damage. Thanks to the louvres on the shutters, the light can be controlled easily.
  • Privacy – Even when Plantation Shutters are open, they still provide a home or business with privacy. When curtains and drapes are pulled back, the inside of a home or business is exposed to any individual who wants to peer inside. This can make a place a target for would-be criminals. Shutters can let in light and air, but prevent wandering eyes from seeing inside.
  • Insulation – Plantation Shutters allow homes to stay warmer during cooler months due to the barrier between them and windows. Heat is prevented from escaping thanks to the shutters and energy bills are kept low.
  • Maintenance – The maintenance of Plantation Shutters is incredibly low. Unlike drapes and curtains, they do not have to be washed, dried, and ironed every so often. Shutters simply need to be dusted. Cleaning them is so simple that a vacuum cleaner nozzle can be used along with a damp cloth. Compared to drapes and curtains, cleaning is a breeze and takes a matter of minutes, not hours.

Plantation Shutter Styles

There are a variety of Plantation Shutter Styles to choose from. Homeowners and businessowners will need to decide on which style suits their property best when selecting shutters. Getting help from experts can give individuals everything they need to know about Plantation Shutters.

  • Solid Shutters – This type of shutter provides homes with a traditional, classic look. Solid Shutters fold back on themselves, providing space when the shutters are opened fully.
  • Café Style – Café Style shutters are often found on restaurants, cafes, and trendy bars. More and more apartments and cool accommodations are adding Café Style shutters for their look. But these shutters also provide optimum privacy for people who live in urban areas without sacrificing light and air flow.
  • Full Height – Full Height shutters are used on large patio or French doors. They cover a large area of glass and provide great privacy.
  • Bay Window Shutters – Bay windows can be difficult to match with drapes and curtains, and they can block out a considerable amount of sun. Bay Window Shutters are designed perfectly to accent bay windows.
  • Door Shutters – Door Shutters can complete change the way a door looks and feels. They can also completely change the atmosphere of a particular room.
  • Other types of Plantation Shutters – There are shutters for nearly every situation. From special-shaped windows to kitchens to bathrooms, anyone looking for a great look can find it with beautiful Plantation Shutters.

Plantation Shutters not only provide a home or business with a unique, unforgettable look, but they can improve the value of a property. Buying high-quality shutters can completely change a structure. From adding value to providing more light, Plantation Shutters are one of the best ways to improve an existing home or business.