Window blinds continue to be popular with homes of all sizes and characters not just across the region, but all around the world – and there’s plenty of reasons why.  While some homeowners may be happy to go for a simple curtain and netting approach, we at Signature Blinds and Shutters are always on hand to show how much difference a great-looking blind or shutter system could make to one or more rooms in your home.  Without further ado, here are five brilliant reasons we think every home should consider switching to a windows blinds installation with Signature Blinds & Shutters.

Your Privacy – As and When You Want It

Window blinds – whether roller or shutter – offer you complete control.  While curtains and netting can only shut out so much of the world outside, when you need a particular level of privacy, a simple blind system is easy to open up, close down and use to whatever extent you may need it.  Window blind systems are therefore particularly sought-after for bedrooms and bathrooms – a roller to pull down, or a shutter to close up – whichever appeals to you the most!


Discreet by Design

One of the most appealing aspects of a great-looking blind lies in the fact that its look is hardly intrusive.  You can easily set up any type of blind and it will blend in seamlessly with your existing décor – opt for pale, white or muted colours to offer quiet functionality over emphasis on design.  Take a look at our catelogue to see which look appeals to you the best.


You Control the Light

In sunnier seasons, it can be hard to prevent glare with just a simple set of curtains.  With window blinds, you can adjust how much light comes in and out – you don’t have to shut everything out if you want to, as you can leave a little to pour through as and where required.  No one likes glare at the best of times – and a great new blind from Signature Blinds and Shutters will allow you to take advantage of as much or as little natural light as you need.


Simple Installation

Setting up a roller blind or a shutter system is now easier than ever. We’ve brought in a variety of new models and systems to ensure that each one of our customers can get set up with a fantastic, functional window blind. Getting curtains up can be a bit of a chore – your home demands simplicity and ease of use – so why not take a look at out catelogue to see what inspires you?

There’s Something for Everyone

If you’re concerned that your windows are too complex or just unsuitable for window blinds, think again – we’re proud to bring you a showcase of flexible and varied blind systems that will work wonders for windows big and small.  Simply take down the measurements and let us know what you need!


Interested in setting up window blinds but unsure where to turn?  Come and talk to the team at Signature Blinds and Shutters – call 01293 772827 or email us for more information.