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Cool, crisp lines covering the entire window and complementing the design of your room

The trifecta of a brand new stylish look, comprehensive sunlight control and complete privacy Signature shutters provide these benefits bespoke to your home. The last word in interior style, and available in a whole range of colours and materials, full height shutters give you window coverage in its entirety.

Full height shutters let light in, or totally block it out based on your individual need, providing privacy for your home. Creating an additional layer to your windows, shutters are also a great form of heat and sound insulation, helping retain heat during winter and keeping unwanted noise such as airplanes and cars out of the home at any time of day or night.

Whether you envisage a traditional or more contemporary design in your home, full height shutters are made to measure to your individual and specific requirements. As with all Signature shutters, you can opt for a visible tilt rod, providing the classic shutter look, or you can select a hidden tilt rod, giving your shutter a sleeker look.

Our shutters come with a mid-rail that provides you with the option to adjust different sections of your shutter, controlling the amount of sunlight to suit your needs throughout the day. A mid-rail means that you can keep the lower section closed, providing privacy, while the top section can remain open, allowing sunlight to enter.

Key Features:

  • Popular for homes and businesses
  • Tall and elegant panels
  • Add a mid-rail for increased flexibility
  • Optional room darkening blind for bedrooms
  • Flexible design
  • Fit inside or outside the recess

Suitable for:

  • Key living spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens
  • Square or rectangular windows
  • New property developments

Signatures full height shutters will suit a whole range of interiors and windows.

We understand that when planning home improvements, you will already have an idea in mind, and at Signature, we will help you realise your vision. Available in six different materials all with their own practical features, from MDF to ABS to Premium Hardwood, our shutters are specifically designed to reflect your individual requirements and tastes.

The full height shutter is our most popular style, and a comprehensive range of colours, frames and accessories, means that full height shutters provide the difference between ‘just about right’ and ‘just the way you want it’. Having shutters that are made bespoke just for you means having shutters that reflect your choices as opposed to having to change your ideas to fit the product.

Getting a good night sleep is crucial to leading a happy and successful lifestyle. If you struggle to sleep sufficiently due to a high level of light at night, then a room darkening blind can be added to your shutters, creating a near total blackout. We can guarantee to create the optimal environment for a perfect night’s sleep.

Book an appointment with us at Signature Blinds and Shutters today or call 01293 772 827.

Value for money

We also supply UPVC waterproof shutters which are more suited for wet rooms or areas of moisture our UPVC composite shutter offers a smooth finish and are perfectly suitable for areas where hygiene is important we can supply these in any colour.

Quality first

With our shutters there always comes a choice of Louvre size from 47mm 63mm 76mm 89mm 114mm we have three tilt options from central rod to off centre rods and a Clearview option we are here to help you select the perfect style plantation shutters from Full Height, Tier on tier, Café Tracked, Shaped, Bay windows

All bespoke

Fancy colour matching your walls or interior? No Problem. We offer a custom colour matching service, meaning you can quite literally choose any colour in the whole world why not come to newly fitted showroom where we have real life size sample Plantation shutters.