Installation of Plantation Shutters for Home Renovation in Banstead Surrey.

Client Overview

Our client, Martin, a homeowner based in Banstead Surrey, has been renovating his house, and wanted to add a touch of elegance to his windows. He had heard about plantation shutters and decided to explore this option for his home.

“The process from buying to installation was very smooth. Was also kept up to date on the build progress as well.

The shutters look great and I would definitely recommend Signature Blinds to anyone.”

Martin Smith


  1. Martin wanted shutters that would not only provide privacy but also allow enough light into the rooms.
  2. The shape of the Bay window and sizes of the windows in his home required customised plantation shutters.
  3. Budget constraints were also a concern for the client.


Martin searched for a reputable local shutter company, and we were approached to assess the various options for plantation shutters and provided a free consultation and helped Martin determine the best solution for his requirements.

Customised plantation shutters were recommended to fit the Bay window and bedroom providing optimal light control and privacy plus adding some much-needed thermal efficiency.

The budget concerns were addressed as we have a range of materials and finishes to choose from. Martin selected our composite faux wood shutters, which were more cost-effective but provided the same look and feel as real wood shutters.


After finalizing the design, measurements were taken by our professional surveyor to ensure a perfect fit with precise measurements which were critical for a seamless installation.

Once the plantation shutters were manufactured here in the U.K, the installation team arrived at Martins home.

The shutters were installed in a timely and professional manner, leaving no damage to the walls or windows.

The team provided a tutorial on how to adjust and maintain the shutters, ensuring Martin could make the most out of his new window coverings.


The plantation shutters added a touch of elegance to Martins home, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

The shutters effectively controlled the amount of light entering the rooms, allowing Martin to achieve the desired ambiance.

Privacy was significantly improved as the shutters provided a barrier against prying eyes with a central split to control the top half and bottom half of the louvers independently.

The faux wood shutters proved to be a cost-effective alternative that matched the look and feel of real wood shutters without breaking the bank.


The installation of plantation shutters proved to be a success for Martins home renovation project. The customised, cost-effective shutters not only provided the desired aesthetic appeal but also offered practical benefits such as light control and privacy. The client was satisfied with the outcome and would recommend plantation shutters to others looking to enhance their homes.